I Was Little, By Alex Kern 's Article, Don 't Drop Out, Why There 's Still

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When I was little, I never think about go to college in the future. My dream is open a little grocery store, so I can eat snack every day and make money from people. Higher education is sounds far away to my life. When I growing up, I change my mine to be a density, it require me to get higher education until I get my doctor degree. The process takes long time and all the struggle is worth when I the time I dress my white rope, and my patient call me Drs. Chen. All the experience and struggle are worth to the college investment, and helpful in our live. The special experiences from college is something we won’t learn from outside, and we will remember forever. In the article, “Don’t Drop Out, Why There’s Still Value in College,” by Alex Kern emphasizes his experiences that college is fun place “to meet new people with different world-views, enjoy more free time, join students groups, live in student-centered community, expand mind in environment where its socially acceptance, internships, spend valuable time with friends, watch kinds of performance featuring your classmates, build awesome stuff, meet life-long friends, and wear sweatpants every single day.” Freeman Hrabowski’s article, “College prepare people for life,” discusses college is prepare people for job and their strong grounding in the liberty arts are prepare people for life which is something they experiences through the college life. Both of the article tend to suggests that stay school is the safety…

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