I Was Influenced Most Developmentally By My Parent 's Divorce And My Support Systems During My Adolescence

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I was influenced most developmentally by my parent’s divorce and my support systems during my adolescence. My parents’ divorce was a pivotal influence on my development as it created stress in my life that I had to learn to cope with. Their separation caused a strain on my family, and due to their fighting I no longer felt the same safety and comfort at home I did before. I began going to parties with my peers, and I started to use alcohol as a way to cope. Developmentally, I may or may not have had the skills to recognize my behavior was risky, but as a teenage novelty seeker I partook anyways. I developed this poor coping skill, and later in life I had to unlearn it. Although this experience was not pleasant and hampered my development of mature coping skills, it allowed me to develop resiliency. Through this experience I had many protective factors, such as a strong faith, social support, and good family relationships with extended family. These support systems gave me comfort and a safe place to vent my frustrations. Despite what was happening at home, I was able to have appropriate and healthy development concerning biological, spiritual, social-emotional, and cognitive development. The influence of my support system greatly impacted my development, as it allowed me to not be overcome by the stresses in my life, and in fact thrive developmentally.
My psychological identity during adolescence greatly influenced my psychological and social development. I was able to…

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