Essay on I Was Incredibly Intimidated - Original Writing

1046 Words Oct 9th, 2015 null Page
Upon first hearing of this project, I was incredibly intimidated. However, the more research I did on my topic and the more I practiced interviews on my roommates and friends, the more comfortable and excited I became to do this portion of the paper. Approaching the claimants was the scariest part for me, personally. I am definitely an introvert and starting conversations with complete strangers is not my forte. Although quite a few people turned me down by awkwardly throwing out excuses like how they were too busy, some seemed excited to be interviewed and made me feel much more comfortable. Conducting the actual interview was fairly easy, my questions were decently straightforward and their answers weren’t too complex. Taking notes word for word was a challenge because I didn’t want to be rude and make anyone repeat themselves or tell them to slow down, but I wanted to be able to quote them. The questions were a little challenging to word in an open ended and nonbiased manner, but after I figured out the best way to word them, without my personal opinion showing, it was simple. I was very surprised to see that besides a few minor differences, almost all of my interviewees agreed on the questions, which makes it clear to me that the double standard within our world is even stronger than I imagined. It also makes me wonder, if a majority of people are blatantly aware of this prejudice against women, then why isn’t anything being done? How can people just sit around and…

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