Essay on I Was Cold, Confused, And A Californian

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I was cold, confused, and a Californian. “If you’re from California, then why’d you choose to come to Maryland?” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question, I would almost be able to pay my pricy out of state tuition. When I’m asked this question, my response usually falls along the lines of “because the school is pretty,” or “I wanted a big school that was near a city,” or my personal favorite “because National Treasure Two: Book of Secrets was filmed on campus” (pro-tip: some cute boys do not find that answer funny). The thing is, I am not entirely sure why I chose to attend Maryland. Compared to the majority of people, my college application process was somewhat untraditional. Throughout high school, my spring breaks, President’s Weeks and Thanksgivings were dedicated to college tours. In total, my mom and I visited over 35 campuses, ranging from schools as close as 10 minutes away to universities all the way across the country. I constantly added and subtracted schools to my list, and was unsure of whether I wanted a school with 30,000 students or a school with eight thousand, a private Catholic school or a huge public school with Division 1 sports teams. My senior year was hectic as I applied to a whopping 18 schools, more than any of my friends. These schools could not be more different and they covered a wide spectrum of student body sizes, campus lives, and cities. After an application process that felt as if it spanned several decades, I…

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