I Was A Terrible Crime Essay

1231 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
My mother once said to me that if I were to ever commit a terrible crime, she would clean up the mess to prevent me from facing the harsh reality of what I did. That was extremely comforting, even though it can sound a bit twisted. She has raised me to be the woman I am now, and I know she is extremely proud of all that I have accomplished. When she was pregnant, she worked two jobs while my dad trained race horses for a living, which didn’t pay well. She even became the family’s main financial support when my father’s mental health started to decline. For the last few years she has worked for a long-time friend’s CPA firm in which she does the bookkeeping there like accounts payable or secretarial work. I find my mother one of my biggest inspirations because she supported our family emotionally and financially when my father became ill, and even disregarded her own troubles just to help me while I was going through my teenage drama queen phase. She grew up in the small town of El Paso, Texas next to her three other siblings. She was the second oldest alongside of her older sister who ran away when she was 12 years old. When her sister ran away, my mother took up a good chunk of the household responsibilities. She became her younger brother and sister’s main support beam. If my aunt and uncle were to say anything about my mom, they would most likely say that she was an irreplaceable asset of the family to whom they are extremely proud of. When my father became ill, my…

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