I Was A Night At Night Essay

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I was in 10th grade and it was a Friday night at midnight and i told my mom that i was going to stay the night at my friends, but really we were going to go to a bond fire. we her house to go pick up her boyfriend then we headed to the bond fire, there was drinking and i said no at first because i knew it was wrong. Then i was really tired and so i took a few drinks and got really drunk. My friend drove home and first we dropped her boyfriend off and we went home and she had to hide me from my mom so she helped me up to my room and my mom came in my room, there was throw up everywhere. She asked me if i went to a party? I said something like that and she said did u get drunk i said no why would i do that, my sisters were scared because they had never seen me like that.

My mom threatened me a couple times before that she would send me to thunder bird, if i didn 't change but i didn 't believe her. I kept fighting and doing drugs and i would stay late out every night and wouldn 't come till the next day and my sisters always told me that i was scaring them, by fighting all the time but that was the only thing i knew how to do was fight. Then second semester i got home and all my things were packed and my sisters crying. I asked them what they were crying about and they pointed to my room. It was empty and me and my mom got into a screaming match,and i told her i wasn 't leaving. She said if u don 't then i will have you put in jail, so i did what i needed to do and…

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