I Was A New Friend Essay

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That One Time in Elementary School My parents always taught me to follow rules and to mind teachers at all times. I usually always did what I was told, I came home with good grades and good conduct. Even in high school, I never got into any trouble. There was this one time in elementary school where the school had to call my parents. The dreaded phone call to my parents to tell them I had been sent to the office. This was the first and last time that I was sent to the office, or even got a call home. Of all the bad things I could have done, I was sent to the office because I wrote on a bathroom wall.
The story begins with me in the first grade. I was attending school at Hollis Hand Elementary. I had a friend named Jackie in kindergarden, but she was not in the same class as me in first grade. I came to the conclusion that I had to make a new friend. After awhile, I made a new friend and her name was Rachel. She became my best friend and we would always play on the playground together, and have sleepovers. At the age I was at, you do not really think about a friend lying to you or doing you wrong. I trusted Rachel, and I never really thought twice about what she told me.
Rachel had a crush on this boy in our class, and his name was John. Every one knew that Rachel and John liked each other. I teased her about him just like every one else did and I did not see it as a big deal but I guess she did. At Hollis Hand, the bathroom doors were wood and had tons of writing all…

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