I Was A Little Girl Essay

1316 Words May 19th, 2016 6 Pages
When I was a little girl, I used to love to read stories. Whether it was long or short, it didn 't matter much to me as long as there were words on the page, if I could physically hold the book and if it had the occasional illustrated picture in it. I even loved to do the summer reading program that we had at our local library because it gave out prizes to kids for their achieved specific reading goals. But now I believed that I read stories solely for the purpose of not having anything else to do. I did not have a smartphone nor was I allowed to watch the television for long periods of time. Later on down the road, when I grew older, technology consumed my everyday life. The constant updates and notifications keeps me glued to the beckoning blue screen and it makes me wonder, did I ever really love to read? I took a course in community college titled ‘The Short Story.’ I needed it as a literature credit to graduate so I thought why not. At the beginning, I hated it. Thinking it would be just another useless class that I would not get anything out of but a less heavy wallet from the money I spent on the useless book. But this class was not like this at all. It made me realize how complex and in depth short stories really are. Yes, they are wonderful to read but they have deep, hidden meanings behind the words that help you relate and reflect on your own life. They bring you into another realm. Short stories should be appreciated for the way they bring awareness to real-world…

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