I Was A Little Girl Essay

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When I was a little girl, I experienced love in many forms. My parents loved me like parents, my brothers, albeit mostly rude, still loved me like siblings do. I loved my family, my uncles and cousins and aunts and grandparents. I loved my teachers, especially when they brought in treats! I also loved celebrities and the cute boys in my class. Pets and toys and people in stories. I loved them all. But no love will ever be the same as the love I felt for my little family in the Sims 2. As a little girl, I loved to play with dollhouses and Barbies. We never had a Ken doll though, because Barbie needs a real man. So all of my Barbies had G.I.Joes instead. Naturally, since I loved playing with dolls and houses, I grew a love for the game “The Sims 2”. In The Sims, you make a person who looks however you want them to look. You get them a job and look after them, fulfilling all of their needs and wants. It is a really cute game, and one I actually still enjoy today. I would get incredibly into it, making all these long, dramatic, cheesy, drawn out backstories for all of my sims.
One day, I made a couple. Their names, while I have ideas, I will never remember. But they, I will never forget. The woman looked exactly how I wanted to look. She was skinny, blonde, and really cute all around. She was probably tomboyish, in jeans and a sweatshirt. We will call her Aurora, since I have always loved my middle name. She lived with this super hot sim. He was tall with deep black hair and…

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