Essay about I Was A Little Girl

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When I was a little girl, I used to think that all the people in the world speak the same language, and they all have the same skin color. Because, I never met the other kinds of people who are totally different from me. But now I know, there are so many kinds of people living on the same planate. They have different skin colors, and speaks different languages, too. On the other hand, I am currently living in a country which has the highest diversity rank. On the other day, I obtained a project that allows me to interview my classmate to see the differences and similarities between us. So, I interviewed my classmate, whose name is Bonnie Reed. During the interview, we asked about each other’s. Such as education background, family background, achievements, dislikes, likes, and etc... First, I asked her about where she grew up, and her education background. She said, she was grew up in Kendallville. Then because of some personal reasons, she moved to Fort Wayne last three years ago. She is currently living in Fort Wayne, IN. to flashback to her school’s background, she was home-schooled for last two years of high school. She was an active girl, when she was in high school. For example, she got into High School’s coaching with a young age. As well, she was a great swimmer. She even received a National Gold Medalist in swimming. On the contrary, I was grew up in a country of Thailand. Then, got into United States, and lived in Denver, CO for a year. Then again, came to Fort…

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