Essay about I Was A Kid : An Interview With Kari Farritor

1353 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
The old saying, “Now, when I was a kid” is used frequently from each generation, no matter the age difference. From one generation, to the next, many things change. Various topics like technology, education, entertainment, and fashion always seems to change between each generation. During an interview with Kari Farritor, who is forty years old, she talks about how she woke up in the morning, to all they way to how she used to dress. It is crazy how some things are different, but some things are still similar from over twenty years ago. The most shocking thing throughout this interview was seeing both the similarities and differences between the generations. Some people think that each generation is drastically different. In some cases yes, they are very different, but in some variation each generation is still similar. What’s interesting about comparing a generation twenty years ago, to now be that twenty years ago they were still doing the same things, but just the way people had to go about things was different. The main thing that makes the generations so much different is the change in technology. Today, advances in technology make every task so much easier compared to twenty years ago. To think about over twenty years ago most people woke up to the beeping, dinging, or ringing of their alarm clock. Most people had an alarm clock plugged into the wall next to their bed. A person did not wake up to the different ringtones of their iPhones like today. If the…

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