I Want To Pursue My Nursing Career

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Before graduating high school I thought I wanted to be a nurse. In 2012 once I knew I was graduating high school I knew it was time for me to start applying to colleges. When I actually started applying to schools for nursing, it was way to much for myself and I knew I wouldn't be happy pursing a nursing career. Then I decided to go to with the next best thing that caught my attention which was criminal justice. In 2013 I transferred to Roxbury community college to get my associates in criminal justice. Three years later I am finally graduating. When I first started, I had everything planned out. I knew what I wanted to do how long it would take me and steps I need to do to achieve my goals. Now that I was getting closer to being done my plans …show more content…
Once I get into mount Ida, I plan on getting on the deans list. After I get into mount Ida I hope to find my career job. I want to explore and learn more about the forensic science area. After I graduate from mount Ida I hope to find my dream job of not I will be continuing with school until I reach my dream. The main reason I want to attend mount Ida because of the different things we will be doing. To know I will be doing an externship is a big step for me. I get practice and have some experience in the one thing I enjoy to do. I also want to attend mount Ida is because the classes I will be taken actually fit with the degree I'm trying to receive. I also like that one the website it shows the many different jobs that goes with forensic science I could have once I graduate. I noticed it's not a short list and there are many jobs I can go into that I had no idea before. When I was on the website I seen that if I don't find my job that the school will work with me to persuade a graduate degree. It's good to know that mount Ida will always help when they can. Being accepted into mount Ida would be a victory for me. I can start my way up to becoming something

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