I Want To Be A Nurse

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If they told me I could be a hero, I’d be a nurse. When I think about nursing I envision myself in an environment, in which people are in need of me, and it is on my shoulders to make a difference. Nursing in my perspective will allow me to feel self fulfillment, and pride that at the end of the day, I made a difference in someone’s life. Nursing is a career that is different compared to most careers because its main goal is to provide care, comfort and support to strangers as if they were our dearest family members. Nurses indeed are the eyes, ears and hands that look out for people during their times of despair. Beyond that, they are also the backbone of the medical community.

Prior to applying to the accelerated nursing program
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My desire to become a nurse has evolved from some circumstances that took place in my life. Of course out of all the games a child could play me and my two sisters would play doctor and in that game my role was being the nurse and when I got older I wish I could have cared for the people I loved most the way nurses cared for my grandma. My grandma was diagnosed in the year of 2013 with alzheimer 's. The disease over a prolonged period of time took over her body and transformed her into someone else. It was very painful seeing her lost and scared, but what caused me more pain was not being able to reach out to her. At that moment in the past, I wished I could grow up just to graduate as a nurse and provide her safety, comfort, and care to better improve her health. I didn 't want to feel helpless. I wanted to feel like I tried saving her even though Alzheimers has no treatment. Till this day I remember the soft and sad look in her eyes, saying she needed all the care she can get. I am beyond sure that without the home nurse we got her, her health would have deteriorated significantly. Although she is not with us today, I believe that she would not have lived as long as she did after being diagnosed, without that nurse by her side. Personally I believe so much in this life is uncertain and helping people get through those times not only helps make their lives less rough, but it reminds me that human life is

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