I Want To Be A Nurse: A Career As A Career

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If they told me I could be a hero, I’d be a nurse. When I think about nursing I envision myself in an environment, in which people are in need of me, and it is on my shoulders to make a difference. Nursing in my perspective will allow me to feel self fulfillment, and pride that at the end of the day, I made a difference in someone’s life. Nursing is a career that is different compared to most careers because its main goal is to provide care, comfort and support to strangers as if they were our dearest family members. Nurses indeed are the eyes, ears and hands that look out for people during their times of despair. Beyond that, they are also the backbone of the medical community.

Prior to applying to the accelerated nursing program here at Saint Xavier, I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for a semester. While I enjoyed attending the college, I found myself in search of people that cared about my dreams. I didn 't just want to be considered a number, or an average student sitting in lecture hall. Instead I wanted to be recognized as someone who works hard and dreams big. I believe I was
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These abilities work together to create amazing nurses, who not only treat have the ability to treat their patient 's physical well being, but are their mental being as well. I believe that I myself have a caring heart that looks out for others. I believe I have the capability to stand in someone else’s shoes and see with their own eyes. In my last two years of my highschool experience I participated in the National Honors Society. We did activities ranging from holding fundraisers for sick children to collecting and delivering clothing to the homeless shelters. Just knowing I made an impact on one individual 's life made me feel accomplished, so I can only imagine the feeling that I would have after caring for a plethora of

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