I Want To Be A Mechanical Engineer

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“Many people dreams to be an engineer, but how many people get to live that dream?,
Yes, I consider myself lucky to fulfill my dream to be an engineer,” said Martin Nolan, who is an Energy and Mechanical Engineer at Genesys Engineering P.C Company. He has been working for this company since March 2014 for 2 years and 7 months. Martin is also a project manager in Haiti Hydroelectric Project, Rotary International . He has been working in this project since May 2010 for 6 years. Martin was full of inspiration for me. Engineering is a great profession, one of the best profession to choose as a career. I always wanted to be an engineer, but wasn 't sure, what field I should go for until I get to know Martin. Among all the types of the engineering
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Personally, I love Mechanical Engineers and would love to be one. Mechanical Engineers are in great demand in our world, because they have to deal with the principles of materials, design machines,and manufacture devices such as, microscale sensors and inkjet printer nozzles. Things that we use in our everyday life such as, parts for machines,for space shuttles, buildings, computers, automobiles, cars, trucks, and buses are designed and developed by Mechanical Engineers. And they also test tools such as, medical and biomedical tools. Profession as a Mechanical Engineer, the part that I like most, the idea of taking products to the marketplace, and having the skills, knowledge and ability to understand the forces and thermal environment that, the products and their parts will encounter. Another thing that I like about Mechanical Engineers that they also design , develop and analyze the products. My interest in Mechanical Engineering was just …show more content…
He also informed me that, he has to deal with reading and writing everyday. He types at least, four to five hours a day for example: emails, notes, important documents, files, project, and also phone massaging. He has to attend meetings 3 to 4 times, which requires reading, writing, so as group work. He mostly works by himself than in a group. “Finishing work on time and being on time is my best skills; you can say.” said Martin, when I asked if he always at work on time or if he ever been lateens even if he is late what consciousness he has to deal with. Reasonable lateness, once or twice is okay but continuously being late could be a sign of irresponsibility. And as an engineer, one can 't be

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