I Want My Status As A Yoruba American Essay example

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As a self-proclaimed outsider, I have always been deeply fascinated with others who were raised in a culture other than the nation of their birth. I believe my status as a Nigerian born immigrant who has spent majority of life in the U.S. makes me a third culture kid (individuals raised in cultures other than his or her parents or the nation of birth), and I have struggled with coming to terms with this status for some time. While struggling with my own identity, I often wonder how others who belong in this category perceive themselves. On a personal level, I know that my identity has been uniquely shaped by my upbringing in the U.S. and by Yoruba cultural customs instilled in me by my parents. While I embrace my status as a Yoruba-American, I often find it difficult to completely relate to my Yoruba peers and my American peers. Over the years, I have become increasingly aware of my status as the “Other”, and have grown intensely interested in exploring the vast African Diaspora around the world. This interest has led me to research the cultures that exist as a result of the African Diaspora, from Afro-European films, local music, and contemporary art. It is also for this reason that I want to explore European nations that celebrate Afro-European culture through film, music and art. If given the opportunity to travel to various European countries to connect with people I feel I most identify with, I will also gain a better understanding of myself. While it would be easy for…

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