I Want My Program At Every Level Essay

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1. Winning
I want my program to win at every level. The reason that we play the sport is to have fun, and winning truly is fun. However, I also believe that winning is not everything and is not measured just by the score board. I believe that a team that sets good goals can be a “winning team” if they can achieve their goals without winning the game. I think that it is important to teach teams what it feels like to win. Winning is addicting and helps to motivate a team especially in sports.
2. Losing
My teams do not lose. We either win or we learn. Losing a game is never easy, but a team that learns from a loss never loses. I believe that from failure we learn how to perform better for the future.The changes made due to these learning experiences help to set a new bar of success. My teams will try to learn from their mistakes, not repeat them, and effectively implement these changes.
3. Sportsmanship (Some topics we discussed dealing with sportsmanship – Handshakes, lopsided scores, fouls, fans, referees, TEAM Model (Teach, Enforce, Award, Model)
As a coach, I am hired to do my best to help my athletes learn the game, develop skills, and find success. Sportsmanship is an important aspect of the game. My team will always cheer as well as give handshakes at the end of the game. Regardless of the score, this displays maturity as well as respect for the game that was just played. As far as lopsided scores are concerned, I will coach my team to play hard regardless of…

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