I Want For Talk And Discuss About `` Race `` Essay

1482 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
First, I want to talk and discuss about “Race.” In this world, we have many countries with many types of people like: Korean, American, Vietnamese, Indian, and etc. there is not only cause they lived in different countries, for they have different about culture, skin, and language of each countries. I am a Vietnamese person and living in there for seventeen years before I moved to U.S. When I came to America, I saw a lot of difference from culture to race of people. There are people with white, black skin and even more color than that. I wondered in my mind that do they are alien. But, I was wrong about that. Then, I saw a different culture from them to my culture. They wear some clothes which I never seen it before and the way they celebrated the holiday together with conversation with people. Also, Race is not only descried about people. It is also described about cars, house, and more thing. For example, we can compare the fastest of each cars, boats, or any machines. That is so interesting for me because I have lived in my hometown for a long time but I did not know about outside that we have a lot of thing we did not know and how to accept it.
Second it is about Culture. It is so interesting word to discuss and talk about it. Like some sentences I had told you about who I am, I lived in country with a popular culture and so interesting. In my culture, we always believed that we are son/daughter of god. The country have passed war with many strong enemies like: America,…

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