Essay about I Want For My Speech

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I think for me, I really enjoyed how much fun some of the people had with their speeches. You could tell that they were enjoying themselves while they were in front of the class, even though they were a bit nervous at the same time. It made it enjoyable to watch, and actually pulled you in verses the ones where people just stood up there just talking or reading off of a piece of paper. I enjoyed watching the emotions that people had, and I think that is also something that I would have been a benefit to my speeches. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the things I talked about, but I feel as though I lacked some of the emotion that others had. I was more so of the stick to the basic of things. For our last speech, I tried to have more fun with it, but I feel as though it came back to bite me. I had an entire speech written out, and had practiced it, but when it came down to it, I felt like yet again it was just boring. So I wanted to have a bit more fun with it, but I feel as though it made me look more unorganized and unprepared. I think that I am just more used to being the serious stick with the facts person due to some of the jobs that I have had in the past, so while I tried to have fun with it, I was too far out of my comfort zone, and should have done so in smaller more subtle steps. Before ever speech that we had to give, I had major anxiety, it was to the point of I would feel sick. I have always been this way when it comes to giving speeches, and no matter what I…

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