Essay about I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

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“My god who wouldn’t want a wife” is the way Judy Brady ends her essay called “I Want A Wife” published in 1971 on Ms. Magazine, through a time well known as “The second feminist wave.” During the 1960’s and early 1970’s feminists were trying to strengthen their movements and therefore focused on “ every area of women’s experience—including family, sexuality, and work” (Burkett). Brady was born in San Francisco in 1937 and was inspired to write about situations she saw happening or experienced personally. She was well known as a feminist who wrote about unity within society, the role of women, and abortion. Before this essay was published in Ms. Magazine in 1971, Judy had the opportunity to read it out loud for the first time in 1970, during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote. “I want a wife,” is an effective argument to try to convince both men and women to change their mindsets and responsibilities in a marriage, through its sarcastic/demanding tone, diction, and use of rhetorical appeals. Judy Brady successfully transmits the message of the overwhelming lifestyle a wife can have to its audience, by listing an excessive amount of duties they have to complete as a wife.
While the men in the audience may feel attacked and over interpreted, Brady provides credibility to her position in writing this essay in order to demonstrate that she knows what a women is responsible of doing as a housewife. In order to grasp…

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