I Visited The U.s. Army Museum Of Hawaii Essay example

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I visited the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii Mission Statement located by Fort DeRussy in Waikiki. It is located in an old military building called Battery Randolph that was built to protect Honolulu Harbor in case of an attack. During my visit I mostly focused on Hawaii during WWII as well as Hawaii as rest and recreation during the Vietnam war. I decided to focus on World War II because this particular time interests me and is something I also have some prior knowledge of. I thought this would help me understand the exhibition better. Furthermore considering I went to high school in Germany most of my understanding is based on German history. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about this part of history from a alternative standpoint. The U.S. Army Museum emphasizes the history of U.S. Military in Hawaii and furthermore the contributions of Hawaii and its inhabitants during several wars. The museum is divided into separate rooms. Each of them introduced a different war and focused mostly on the history of the war and how they were executed. As a visual support there are several pictures underlying the texts presented and it also displays different weapons used by the U.S., Hawaiian, and Japanese military just to name a few.

As I first entered the museum I immediately felt a gloomy, and dark vibe. One of the first signs I saw said “This Building Was Not A Jail!”, which is exactly what it felt like. >> Very dark light, stuffy smell, dark corridors and pathways,…

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