Essay on I Visited The Riverside Country Superior Court

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I visited the Riverside Country Superior court in Murrieta, California. Where I sat in on two parts of legal environments in a course. Before finding out which court room I would go in to observe a case. I sat in the master calendar room. In this room each case is pushed into a different court room. The master calendar room seemed to be controlled by the lawyers in the room. Of course each lawyer would check in with the policeman in the front so he knew who was in the room, but it was a time for everyone to get organized with their parties to be able to have a smooth trial and or confrontation with the judge when it came time to defend themselves. When the judge finally came in this room he would call out the name of the defendant who was charged and the defense attorney and the attorney for the state would say if they were ready or if they needed an extension for the case. When both sides were ready to go the judge then appointed them to a room. The case I followed into another court room was a preliminary hearing. In the preliminary hearing it was a chance for the state to prove the probable cause of the action the defendant made.
I witnessed the case SWF1600694, Kristen Ulcine was being held over for trial to determine if she really had possession of another’s credit card with the intent to commit fraud.The judge for the case was Elaine M. Kiefer. The parties of this case were the people of the state of California versus Kristen Ulcine the defendant. To open the case…

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