I Visited The Modesto Junior College Art Gallery Essay

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I visited the Modesto Junior College Art Gallery, it is located on the East Campus in Modesto. The title of the artwork presented that day was “Geometries in Cold Welded Steel.” This artwork was presented by the artist Tom Duchscher. Duchscher has been teaching design, sculpture, and ceramics at MJC for the past 40 years. His work has been exhibited throughout northern California and pacific northwest. For the past four decades Duchscher has dealt with the exploration of geometric forms and has focused on the element of line. This has allowed him to create illusionary and actual phenomenon. The use of linear parallel in his artwork has lead to an investigation in space, since the three-dimensional forms seem to be two-dimensional depending on certain angles people view the sculpture. The artist is concerned with the three-dimensional existence compared to their two dimensional aspects and illusionistic qualities. Duchscher mentioned that his sculptures are visual experiences in themselves and are subject to change with both the environment and the observer. A piece of artwork that attracted my attention was called “Rhombus Cubis III.” The subject of the piece of art is a geometric sculpture. The appearance of this artwork was made of welded steel in a silver color. It was two cubes attached together and when I observed it from different angles I noticed that in the middle of the two cubes it formed a smaller cube in the inside. I am not sure how big it was, but it was…

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