Essay on I Visited Six Clients With The Home Health Care Nurse

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On November 9, I visited six clients with the home health care nurse Kim. Kim is a home health nurse who has been in the nursing field for the past 26 years and in the home health care nursing for about 6 years. One of the hard things about home healthcare for me was not knowing what to expect when I first walked into a client home yet, I hard a great teaching and learning experience. When we first meet in the morning we sit down and went over the schedule Kim has made on what client we will visit at what time and then we jot down main things we needed to do for each client as we visit them. Kim mentioned to me that most of the client she meet within this areas are mostly depressed. One of the clients we visited was Mr. J.G a 63 years old male who was two weeks postop of coronary artery by-pass grafting surgery. He is a divorced father of two boys and a truck driver. The services Kim provided for Mr. J was mostly focused on medication, diet, and insulin use. Kim brought him a pill organizer and we organized his pills from the week and told him how to remember to take it and to ask the other home care nurse to fill it for him when she comes in to visit him on Monday. The other service Kim provided to him was diet and exercise education, the importance of consuming protein for healing of his incision and fast recovery also importance of exercise throughout the day just walking around the house and so on. Mr. J. was on insulin because of the steroids medication he was on for…

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