Essay on I View The Student As The Central Part Of Education

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I view the student as the central part of education. Therefore I believe the purpose of education needs to be to nourish within the student the ability to think, to question, to explore, to analyze, to innovate, and to dream what can be. In this way the student then will become an informed, educated, and contributing member of the local and global society. From the very beginning the student is learning through the experiences that he encounters. His knowledge is built upon these experiences, first in the home, then in a more formal social setting. The student comes into life with no innate knowledge, a rasa tabula, to be entrusted into the educational system to accomplish this development of a contributor to the society.
Envision a tree seedling, started in a nursery, planted and tended with all the proper items needed for it to grow, flourish, and mature into the plant it is purposed to be. Temperature, light, nutrients, space. Ideally each seedling would be provided the proper amount of each of these requirements based on its individuality. So too a child attending a school should be provided with all the items needed for growth, learning, and becoming a contributor to society. How this happens can vary from child to child. Just as a competent nursery worker moves the seedling to receive the proper amount of light and gives it the proper nutrients and pruning. So too does a competent teacher and school system expose the student to different experiences with the proper…

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