I View Myself As An Average Writer And Reader For My Age Essay

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Literacy Narrative
I view myself as an average writer and reader for my age. The guidance and support from others is what I believe supports my literacy the most. This consists of my parents pushing me to do my best by encouraging me to read and write better by their support and guidance through assignments and doing other forms of literacy for entertainment. I never always viewed myself as an average writer and reader for my age, I actually thought my literacy was quiet mediocre.
It has been just recently that I feel I have become an average write and reader. As a child it was very hard for me to distinguish letters apart. This hardship set me back from most others my age which may have always made me feel as a student with below average literacy. I never told anyone about this and the way I over came it was by the help of my mother as Id study for spelling tests and by her helping me read my first books in elementary. I over came this hardship by writing down the things that helped me distinguish different letters apart from others. Although it was quiet embarrassing it helped a lot and go me through spelling tests and reading. After some time I was able to kick the method that helped me write and read and do it on my own.
This wasn’t the quickest transformation so it took a couple years which automatically made me feel like I had a lower reading level none the less a lower writing level, by the time I over came this all the other kids were reading higher than expected…

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