Essay on `` I, Too, Sing America `` By Langston Hughes

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“I, Too, Sing America” is a unique piece of poetry where the author, Langston Hughes, addresses the social inequality that is present on race in America. Knowing that the Author wrote in a time frame, known as the Harlem Renaissance, it is easy to understand the motive behind the poem. The Harlem Renaissance was a movement that helped create the new black culture identity and in some ways pushed for the civil rights movement in the late 40s and early 50s (). I chose this poem because it displays a dark time for the speaker and despite the predisposition prejudice, he was able to grow strong and image a better tomorrow. It inspires me knowing that our nation grew to fight the adversity that was present during Hughes time. Hughes signifies that the character suffers from continuous oppression and racial prejudice, but concludes with the speaker asserting that he is American regardless of his race and that one-day people will finally see that and will be ashamed of themselves. Hughes wants the readers to understand that America stands on the principles of Freedom and Equality and it is only through inclusion and those principles will there be a greater tomorrow. In 5 short stanzas the poem illustrates the belief that as Americans we should never let adversity drive us down, we should always keep hope and an optimistic mind and that we should regard oppression as motivation.
The First stanza in the poem is one short phrase, not only does it enlighten the reader to many…

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