I Think That Education Has Become More About Business Essay

1315 Words Dec 13th, 2015 6 Pages
I think that education has become more about business. For- profit colleges are trying to focus more on making money rather than focusing on the quality of education that is being provided by their institution. When it comes to education, teachers play a significant role. Most of the universities have only few quality teachers. No doubt that there are some really good teachers at all these universities; however, there are many worse teachers in these universities as well. In certain classes, teachers do not teach well, and give better grades to the students without putting an effort to help them out. Later on, those students try to go to a higher level class, and have no idea what is going on in the class because they haven’t learned what they were supposed to in the first class. This leads those students to fall behind because they are trying to catch up with other students in their current class. Technically, these students wasted their time and money by taking the class in which they didn’t learn anything. If the tuition keeps increasing, and they don’t learn anything in their class, then they will keep wasting more and more money. It seems like the institutions aren’t really checking the education of the teacher, and how good or bad they are at their job. These institutions should be checking how the teacher is teaching, and not only while hiring, but every year the manager or the chairperson should be checking on them to see how they are doing each year. They should…

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