I Thank You For Your Company Essay

1241 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
First and foremost, I thank you for your generous and faithful offer. I would also like to inform you that I have great interest in your company. Though it is not my only investment opportunity, your company is at the top of my list. One billion is the sum I agree to pay should I accept your offer. That is a lot of money. Some people may say that in the process of considering your offer, I have been told that I am of the unsound mind. To put almost all of one’s money into a business seems unnerving, but the decisions you have made and the paths you have taken to get to your status now, make the decision a lot less daunting. Early on, you made a few decisions that were integral to your company’s success. One of them being a firm stance behind your products. From the start, you wanted to create a product for people. This is a common business practice. However, what set you apart from the rest of the start ups is one thing. You refused to sell bad products. You did not sell a cheaper line. You did not build them from cheaper materials and you did not sell a product you would not use for yourself or your friends. While your startup built the best equipment “regardless of their profit”, other businesses sell cheap products and do not stand behind them. Though the Patagonia of new sells cheaper products, they stand behind them. Regardless of the cost to the you, your company stood, and still stands behind your products and made sure that your customers were satisfied. Your…

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