I Started Reading Dude, You 're A Fag By Quot. Essay

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When I started reading Dude, You’re a fag by C.J. Pascoe, I thought it was going to be just another book about high school clichs and gossipy girls being mean. Boy was I wrong. This book explained a ton of patterns that I saw in high school every day but never picked up on. Many of which I still see in college to some extent. But this class being a sociology class, I see things in the real world that we’ve discussed in class all the time. So for this reason, it was pretty easy to find a couple parallels between the book and class. The five parallels I found being Gender, Race, Culture, Socialization, and
Although the main theme of the book is Masculinity, the closest thing we talked about in class was Gender and Gender inequality. In this book, Pascoe looks at the students of River High School and one of the things she finds is that there is a prominent fag epithet. Although the subject of genders being unequal wasn 't covered as much, it was more along the lines of how individuals are unequal within each gender. For example, the girls on the basketball team, who tended to dress and carry themselves more like boys, would tend to be more popular than the girls who were a part of the Straight-Gay alliance even though they both had some masculine qualities. Many other examples will be covered throughout the entirety of the paper, due to the subject matter of the book. As it applies to class, gender is socially constructed, which is really interesting to think about when it…

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