I Started Reading A Preschool Essay

783 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
I started reading in preschool because I was fond of the pictures and I really enjoyed listening to my teacher read out loud as we followed along in the book. In the first grade, my class would always begin by copying the notes written on the chalkboard. My classmates and I would sit in front of the chalkboard and just write in our notebooks word for word on what was the board. I was very curious about what the purpose of it when I couldn’t even understand it. My hand would eventually hurt from copying the notes and complain to the teacher. When I went to show my teacher my notebook with my written notes I asked why we wrote them and she said it was for our parents to read. I soon discovered the real purpose of the copy work was for the students to practice writing sentences. I realized copying word for word every class session does have an effect because before I blindly copied notes and show my teacher, but there came a time I eventually started reading them and finally I understood the meaning of the tedious copy work.
I was a very curious child and would ask many questions. I liked to find the underlying meaning of every situation, I don’t think I appreciated reading and writing as a young child. Instead, I was in my own mindset, I would often be alone and just wonder to myself as I watched my classmates play with their friends. I was an introvert. There were times my classmates tried to be friends with me because my teacher said that I shouldn’t be alone. That…

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