Essay on I Started At Itt Tech

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This summer I started at ITT Tech. I started off a medical assistant student. I was going to class on Mondays and Wednesdays. I went to class for six weeks, I learned a lot. In those six weeks I had three classes, Human Anatomy and Physiology I, Medical Terminology for Health Care, and Strategies for the Technical Professional. In anatomy and Physiology I we learned the human body using a systems approach, focusing on the integumentary system, bones and skeleton tissues, joints, and muscles, the nervous system, special senses and the endocrine system and we also had labs to complete which included dissecting. In my anatomy’s class we dissected a fetal pig. We cut open the fetal pig and seen certain part of the pigs organs. We had to determine if the pigs were male or female. I just knew after that I would never be able to eat any kind of pork again except for bacon. I also dissected a sheep’s brain, we cut open the sheep’s brain and seen certain parts of the brain we also dissected a cow’s eyeball we cut open the eyeball and seen certain optic nerves inside of it. After taking that class I was like “ok” maybe this is not too bad of a class at all. The group I worked with made it a little bit easier than I thought it would be and I also still can eat pork. I also learned certain parts of the body and how we use them. In that little time I learned a lot of interesting things. I also took a medical terminology for health class. We learned the medical terms used to…

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