I Start Taking Classes At Texas A & M University- Commerce Essay

746 Words Nov 11th, 2016 3 Pages
Before I start taking classes at Texas A&M University- Commerce, my writing level was at a high school level. Basically, I was taught the fundamental basic of writing and the writing process (analyzing the prompt, brainstorming, rough draft- revising and editing, and final draft) using a five-paragraph format (having an introduction, three point body paragraphs, and a conclusion). I use this process throughout of high school, and up till now in college. When I got to my senior year (12th grade), not only the writing I did was similar to college writing, but the class itself has the feeling of a college class. My 12th grade English class teacher introduces the class to Purdue OWL. It is a website that contains writing resources and instructional material to assist the class with many, writing projects/essays throughout the school. The website is supposed to clear up any confusion of any questions the class may have about writing in addition to being a guideline to college writing. I still use this website till now when I get confused or have questions that the teachers did not explain properly. My 12th grade teacher not only made writing at the college level, but he made the class itself like a college class. He would teach using limited PowerPoint uses, and he would not tell the class to take notes. The class has to take notes themselves, writing the most important concept down. The reason he did that is to give how college would be like and not to fear when entering…

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