My New Dress Analysis

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Standing Here Ironing in My New Dress
As a single parent children have different meaning for standing when it comes to being discipline by their parents. To us standing is shrieking up to be heard for the children they shriek down to heard. What I’m trying to say is if we do not take control in our children’s life style how are we to know when they or shrieking up or down. Sometimes one have to take the time out and explain to your children why these situation occurs even if it is bad on our behalf. Parents are not always at fault. We in general have to look at the picture from both sides. My life style along with this story have the same titanic but different meaning. Ten years ago I lived in a huge four-bedroom home raising my two kids along
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I try to stay faith focus and kingdom minded because the children that I have, have no one else to turn to. I have to get them ready for school and my step daughter is grown and should be out on her own. I know now that I am a crutch for her I will remove myself and let go let God take control of what is his. She will forever be in my heart and prayers. By this meaning it is time for her to go out into the real world and experience how hard of ironing new and old dresses really are. When I heard the encouraging words of being the best mom she could be upon her return to home and that she is sorry for what she put me through. That took a load of stress off my heart. Lord knows I am to blessed to be stressed. During her time of incarceration, she wrote me a letter and asked “mom why do you care so much”. My exact words to her were that is what a mother is supposed to do for the love of her children and I refuse to lose her to the streets. Chasity will forever be my BFF her lifestyle is just what it is. I feel as though I will be ironing on this new dress for a life time. It is worth it because I will continue to love both of

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