I Spent Working On The Quilts Essay examples

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For my volunteering experience, I spent about an hour and a half of time at my internship over the course of a few months making quilts for kids in need. Although the time that I spent working on the quilts was just a small piece of time out of my day, it felt very rewarding to help a little bit at a time, knowing that I was contributing to a bigger cause of women who are in need. The process of making the quilts involved cutting the fabric pieces, tying the knots to keep the strips together, then folding and packaging the blankets to deliver to the hospital at a later date. Finishing the blankets took several sessions of work, and over the time spent working together, me and my team were able to share about ourselves and our interests. Working together for a good cause really brought our team together an allowed growth and a sense of community to develop between us. As a future health care provider, it is very important to me to develop a sense of meaning in giving my own time to others. Although my future career will not be based in volunteering, I hope to become involved in an organization that gives back to those in need in my spare time. I think it is an important part of my future career, and being aware of what is important in life. Volunteering allowed me to remember that there are many parts of life and success that do not involve receiving monetary gain. My time spent working on the quilts reminded me that there are so many people in need in this world and by…

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