I Speak About African Americans And Their Images Essay

2238 Words Nov 20th, 2016 9 Pages
Abstract When faced with the task of identifying how one should best approach a subject, for research, and that subject has been a manipulated and controlled culture, that also happens to be a popular culture, what direction should the research go? When I speak of a manipulated, but popular culture, in my research, I speak about African Americans. When I address control as it relates to African American culture and images, in my writing, I speak of how the images, in the media, have been, used for profit and for assisting other cultures in staying superior. Defining my views of developing research articles, as other’s who study media, African Americans and their images, can be accomplished, but is arduous. From studying the multiple articles we have read this semester, and researching articles that were reflective of my research interests, I have come to depend on two research systems that many of the authors I’ve read and studied this semester, utilized. Ethnography, a systematic way of studying people and cultures, and Grounded Theory Studies, where additional questions are embedded in an original question, are forms of research that I have found to be important as it relates to developing my own questions, creating the framework for my research interests and continually writing about African Americans and their images used to portray the culture in the media. Preface Introduction I began this semester, and this dream, having no direction when it came to trying to answer…

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