Essay on I Selected Msg Amy Hauver As My Legacy Leader

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I selected MSG Amy Hauver as my legacy leader. In the brief two year period that I have been her subordinate, I have learned the art of intervention, the real meaning of what it is to be resilient and why it is so important for a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) to have an open mind and compassion. In her military career, she has stood out before her peers, seniors and subordinates. Rising through the ranks with her hard work ethic and dedication to military service. Taking on the most difficult of tasks, recognizing them as chances to excel, and maintaining focus in the face of adversity. MSG Hauver gained knowledge when she was hammered by disappointment, and chose not to be complacent, but remain stern when recognized by her accomplishments. She remains unchanged in her core values and guiding attributes for other junior NCOs to follow, as she continues her military career.
MSG Hauver enlisted in the Army in the summer of 2002. Her motivation for joining was not very glamorous, only wanting one thing from military service, to get experience with weapons. Ultimately her core values would almost mirror the Army Values, as she rose through the ranks, facing extremely difficult times in her personal life as well as professional. Her first five years in military service were spent within the 525th Military Intelligence Battalion, a conventional airborne unit where she reached the rank of SGT (E5). Striving for more and to attain a bigger role in the Army, she was given…

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