I Sat On The Table Of Exam Room Number Four Essay

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I sat on the table in exam room number four. My paper gown rustled as I shifted my body weight to the other side. I grimaced as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The fluorescent lights were so unforgiving. They accentuated every flaw on my face. I looked at the dark circles under my eyes, the product of exhaustion caused from tossing and turning during my sleepless nights. A stack of dated People magazines shared a small end table with pamphlets advertising various medications. Anatomical charts cluttered the wall. Everywhere my eyes turned, they found another medical drawing of the distorting and crippling effects of a specific disease. I closed my eyes and fought the urgent feeling of nausea.
The previous weekend was the first time that autumn had made its triumphant return, and I welcomed it with open arms. Everything was different about autumn. Bright orange pumpkins lined the front porches of neighborhoods. The vibrant colors of red and gold leaves painted the skylines. Even the crisp, cool air of autumn smelled different. It was my favorite time of the year. I thought about the upcoming events that fall brings with it, as I tried in vain to find a distraction. I thought about how fast this had happened and how different things were now from only last month. September seemed to be such a long time ago.

I woke up on a typical September morning, only to realize it was anything but typical. I felt under the weather and had flu-like symptoms with an unusual pain…

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