Essay on `` I, Robot ``

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Have you ever seen the movie “I, robot”? The movie describes a science fiction in the future that is a harmonious society that human being and robots live in. Intelligence robot technology is sort of electronics technologies. Actually we live in a society which surrounds different electronics technologies. For instance, phones let us keep connections with other people; the internet makes us know the newest world; cars with electronics technologies can reduce mistakes which is cause by human, and the artificial intelligence is going to make this world like science fiction. Like others technologies, electronics technologies are to solve many practical problems to perfect our life. However, technology is like Pandora’s box. For instance, we invented cars, but according to the statistics published by FARS Encyclopedia, there are 32,675 traffic deaths. As cars free our legs, here also comes potential safety hazard. So is the electronic technologies.
In our daily life, like phones, is invented to keep connections with others, and make our life more convenient. However, phone is turning to a thing which is attractive and changes our life style to an unhealthy way. There are many different kinds of applications in your phone. We spend a lot of time on applications and little time on calling our friends and parents. We usually do this thing: play your phone applications with your friends instead of talking and laugh with them. In some ways, phones are reducing our chance to…

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