I Removed The Golden Key Harnessed By A Penn State Lanyard From My Pocket

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I removed the golden key harnessed by a Penn State lanyard from my pocket, and placed it into the keyhole of room 715. A room that would be my home for the next year and a university that would be there for me for the next four. A mere 10 hours before that moment I was at home, getting ready to leave my house for my final day as a camp counselor and for the final day in Willow Grove Day camp’s sixty-two year history. I threw on my staff shirt and mesh shorts, grabbed a quick chocolate chip granola bar for the road, lathered up my SPF 30 lotion, compiled my backpack and waited for my ride. The drive to camp was an emotional one for me. I had spent fifteen of my eighteen summers at this camp, the same camp, that has thrived for over six decades. Just like my time in my hometown of Upper Dublin, it was all coming to an end. That little kid who twelve years ago would get overly excited to go to lower courts for basketball leagues was all grown up. I was now the counselor that the kids looked up to, the same way I viewed mine years before. The car ride over was the same as usual. Early morning chatter, “How are you?” How do feel about the last day?” “Are you excited for school?” The same turnstile of questions and one-word word answers that happened every day. The same overplayed radio songs echoed throughout the car, as the smell of air freshener and sunblock pressed against the windows trying to escape. We arrived at the rusty, red gate and waited for the signal from the…

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