I Remember The First Time I Saw Mt. Rainier Essay

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I remember the first time I saw Mt. Rainier. I was fifteen years old and had spend the year before working several jobs after school to fund this trip and I was now at its feet. It was bigger and badder than I’d ever imagined and I was scared. I realized I was intimidated enough that if I continued to dwell on it, I would quit. Mountains are funny; you may know you 're ready to climb them, but the close quarters combat you do with your mental demons the night before can be overpowering enough to cause anyone to desert their post. So I no longer thought on the ten thousand vertical feet above my head I’d eventually climb, but only on the portion of the mountain immediately in front of me, a section I whittled down until it was small enough for me to believe in. The first tasks were helping my teammates prepare and then making sure my own equipment was ready. The next morning we started up, while I focused only on what was illuminated by my headlamp.

Since I was a child, there’ve been several things important to me: family/religion, and climbing. I list family and religion together since they’re almost synonymous to me, although each have their responsibilities that require meaningful work to be effective. The currency of both is nearly identical as well: service, both in time and actions spent with each relationship. This service has guided the development of some of the sweetest relationships I 've ever experienced. Climbing is a priority that has taken me to some of the…

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