I Really Hate Camping At High Falls State Park Essay

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I Really Hate Camping

I woke up, sat up, and rubbed my eyes. I saw so much light coming from the windows. I was confused because I didn’t remember seeing light when I was falling asleep. It had been completely dark when I fell asleep. When I got out the truck, I realized the truck was parked behind a Waffle House.

It all started when my parents planned a trip to go camping at High Falls State Park for fall break in 2013. The whole family had to go, including myself. We’re a big family of seven, my mom, my dad, myself, and my four little brothers, Mohammed, Mahmoud, Ahmad, and Walid. I don’t really like camping, because I hate being outdoors. I’ve always felt that it’s unsafe. As I was packing my bag for the trip, and I felt like this trip was going to be horrible. I felt like something bad was going to happen. We got in the car and my dad drove to High Falls State Park. We arrived around one in the afternoon and we started looking for the perfect spot to set up our tents. There was a triangle shaped open space filled with a pool of leaves and surrounded by long, leafless trees. It was very quiet in the woods. All I heard was the red and gold leaves crunching as we stepped on them to build our tents. There was also a lot of bugs, especially mosquitoes. I have a great fear of mosquitoes. For some strange reason mosquitoes have always liked to bite me. By the time we finished setting up the tents, a mosquito had bit four areas of my body. I had one bite on the top of my lip,…

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