I Now Pronounce You Larry Film Analysis

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According to Benshoff and Griffin (2009), sexuality is used to describe one’s sexual orientation. Generally, the level of sexuality in Hollywood films has remained consistent. However, when they present characters that have a different sexual orientation, rather than what society views as the “normal”, boy-and-girl, husband-and-wife-relationship, these characters are seemingly, made into a mockery (The Celluloid Closet, 1995). With the influence of media, it is acceptable to say that society favors heterosexism. This concept means that our people are orbited around the idea that heterosexuality is the only natural sexual orientation and should be superior above all others (Benshoff & Griffin, 2009, p. 306). After watching the movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, I felt as though it portrayed a great example of this sort of laughingstock we see amongst Hollywood films and …show more content…
They are best friends and both work for the New York Fire Department. Following the passing of his wife, Larry is slapped in the face with a huge dilemma that would leave his kids, Eric and Tori, unable to gain access to his pension if he were to suddenly die. So, Larry (and I say this sarcastically) does what any heterosexual man, and father would do and pretends to be in a domestic partnership with his best friend, Chuck. Their marriage soon becomes under scrutiny by a fraud inspector and is advised to consult with a lawyer. Their lawyer, Alex, is a hot blonde bombshell, who causes more complications because Chuck cannot hold back his sexual attraction he has towards her. Then, he finds himself gaining feelings for her as he gets to know her on more of a personal level. In the meantime, their fake, homosexual relationship becomes an inspirational love story to those belonging to the gay community. To raise the stakes even higher, Larry’s effeminate son, Eric, is a tap-dancing lover, who worships musical

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