I Now Pronounce First Film Analysis

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According to Benshoff and Griffin (2009), sexuality is used to describe one’s sexual orientation. Generally, the level of sexuality in Hollywood films has remained consistent. However, when they present characters that have a different sexual orientation, rather than what society views as the “normal”, boy-and-girl, husband-and-wife-relationship, these characters are seemingly, made into a mockery (The Celluloid Closet, 1995). With the influence of media, it is acceptable to say that society favors heterosexism. This concept means that our people are orbited around the idea that heterosexuality is the only natural sexual orientation and should be superior above all others (Benshoff & Griffin, 2009, p. 306). After watching the movie, I Now Pronounce …show more content…
You mean like, faggots?”. Although he agrees to marry Larry, Chuck repeatedly makes it known that he is a straight, manly-man, who strictly, chases after females only. His character makes it clear that he has a fear of gays. Second, the characters are relentless when it comes to making ridiculous jokes about gay men. Most Hollywood films make homosexuality into more of a comedy-sense because many people do not accept their personal, sexual orientation. By keeping it more on the comical side, the audience views homosexuality more comfortably and in a sense, accepts it.
Third, earlier I touched on the subject that Larry’s son was the exact opposite of a normal, heterosexual boy. His demeanor and charisma does not match society’s ideals on masculinity. This type of character is labeled as a “pansy,” which views effeminate males as a “failure” to what it takes to be a “man” in our world (Benshoff & Griffin, 2009). Although the movie does not reveal that the young boy is gay, mainly because the audience would agree with the fact that he is too young to specify his sexual orientation, the message is loud and clear that he is “different” than

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