I Never Promised You A Rose Garden Literary Analysis

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In American literature some authors use fiction and others use nonfiction to expand a student 's reading. When using fiction, it is an imaginary event about imaginary people that writers will use to talk about something that is false. In opposition some writers will use nonfiction that is based on facts, real events that happened with real people. One such example of nonfiction is a biography. In the fictional novel of I Never Promised You A Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg, a young girl named Deborah suffers from a mental illness. In her own world named Yr she is taunted by voices that isolate her from the outside worlds. She struggles everyday when thinking of a “normal” life again. Her dad really pushes for her to become normal, sometimes maybe even …show more content…
She is a sixteen year old girl who is admitted into a mental hospital by her parents by the advice of what her doctor told them to do. She was admitted after attempting suicide. In some incidents she will seep into her own world named Yr while in a conversation with others and laugh at inappropriate times. She also had her own language named Yri which she would randomly start to being into the real world when talking with others in the hospital. She started having these troubles after having a tumor removed; she felt pain when the doctors said it was normal and in reality her pain was not normal. She always thought that she would never get better until Dr. Fried had helped her out. “Esther felt she knew Deborah better than her husband did,” this is the thoughts her mother had toward Deborah directly, because throughout the whole book she is the only one who truly knows what is best for her and can truly describe her (Greenberg 8). Deborah connects to the theme because when fear is involved, it usually means Deborah is the one fearing something. The reader can see indirectly that she is a smart girl because she can tell when others are lying to her (Greenberg

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