I Never Had The Opportunity For My Father 's Parents Essay

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I never had the opportunity to get to know my father’s parents. So my family would have to start with my great-grandparents. My great grandmother, Lucille was born just down the road in Suches, Georgia where I grew up. Her mother was Cherokee Indian and her father was part Irish. They owned a big part of land and were farmers. Lucille was born on a snowy night in nineteen-twenty inside their barn. When she was in her late teens she met a military man. In the beginning of World War II, they got married. They always told the stories of their travels and of the war. My grandpa was stationed in Germany, Iceland, and then Tallahassee, Florida. While they were stationed in Florida, they had two children, John and Linda. Linda was my father’s mother. She also married a military man and had two children. When my father was six, his parents divorced. Which led them to leave Tallahassee. My great grandfather, Bud had retired from the Air Force. So the whole family moved back to their hometown of Suches, Georgia. My mother’s side of the family is also of Cherokee decent. My great grandmother, Bertha raised my mother. Whose mother was full blooded Cherokee. I often wonder where my family really came from, but since I am not close to my mother’s parents some lies a mystery. I do know Bertha married James Stephens. He had just gotten out of the Army where he had spent a good bit of time in Germany. They married and left Blairsville, Georgia to move to Dalton, Georgia for factory jobs.…

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