Essay on I Never Be An Excellent Writer

817 Words Aug 29th, 2016 4 Pages
I never considered myself to be an excellent writer but still thought I wrote well enough to get my point across without confusing the reader too much. However, any confidence that I had in my writing skills was lost for a short time when I had to write my first timed essay in school. Luckily, the timed essay assignment also helped me see that I needed to work on my writing and, as a result, actually turned out to be a more positive experience rather than a negative one. It was just another regular school day that was near its end, and I had one more class to go to before everyone was released to go home. I walked into the classroom of my last class of the day expecting to just take notes and listen to a lecture. Unfortunately for me, the teacher announced that we were going to write a timed essay based on a chapter of a book we were reading. This task did not seem challenging at first, and the thirty minutes we were given to write our essays seemed like plenty of time. Nonetheless, I still managed to turn what was supposed to be a simple task into something that could not be accomplished. Before the timer was set, we were given our topic, and, after a few minutes of perhaps contemplating how they were going to start their essays, everyone began to write. That is, everyone except me. I sat there staring at my blank piece of paper, not knowing what to write. I looked at the clock and realized that five minutes had already passed. Then, before I knew it, ten minutes.…

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