I Must Use Your Personal Charm And Poise Essays

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During all of our lives, there are situations and experiences that make us stronger; that give us the character and strength to excel in life. These experiences are unique to every person and make you the person that you are. Some of us are higher born, the upper class that are privileged with ease of life and currency. There are those that are of the lower echelon, that have to face the struggles of life like hunger and poverty; which makes them that much stronger going through life. As a person progress through their life, the might be met with an ultimatum. A choice in which they have to choose the path to which they will direct the rest of their life. For people in the post-modern Era,, this might be getting kicked out of the house or having to decide what you will study in college. However, when you decide, you must use your personal charm and poise to preserver through the times and to become successful in your endeavors. A person has many of defining personal characteristics and these can help them on the road to success, or their own “epic story” if you will. Being funny, charismatic and motivated all make you more likely to succeed on your epic journey, the journey of a life time. Akin to Odysseus, Perseus and Hercules, you must overcome strenuous tasks and beat the odds to become the person who you truly want to become. Your success depends largely on your personal characteristics: being strong, smart and brave, however, it also depends slightly on the fact that…

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