Essay on I Met With My Art Appreciation Professor

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For this assignment, I met with my art appreciation professor, Ms.Kate Peaslee. I chose her because I’m doing pretty well in her class and it would be interesting to meet with someone whose passion is the history and elements of artwork. I decided that meeting with her would be the best option and probably the least awkward out of all of my professors to meet with. I emailed her prior to the visit to see if she would be okay with answering the questions. It was actually really relieving to know that she would be alright with doing the interview and questions. The way I felt prior to the meeting with my professor was a mix of panic, anxiety and grogginess. I had accidentally overslept and missed the class, so I rushed over to the art building to try to find her office. I had to wait for almost thirty minutes while she met with her teaching assistant. While waiting outside and pacing back and forth, I could just feel nervousness and a sense of rush since I had another class at 12pm. The whole ordeal wasn’t planned out as well as I thought, but it would be better to get the visit over with now so I could break the ice with her and work on this assignment over the weekend. My expectations for the meeting were sort of up in the air, as I thought she would think that I was the worst, most horrible student ever since I had the audacity to meet with her despite not showing up to class. I just imagined everything to go wrong, that could possibly go wrong. It was actually quite…

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