I Met With A New Family Essay

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 1:00 p.m., I met with a new family who seeking to be enrolled in CDR’s Early Head Start Program so that the mother can be her child’s best teacher and eventually transition the child to one of CDR’s Developmental Centers. Easha accompanied me during the home visit, because she will be the family’s EHS Family Consultant once I complete schooling. Not only was she able to become acclimated with the family, but she also provided me support while working with the family. The child who will be enrolled within the program is a seven month old female. Others present during the home visit consisted of two other children and the mother’s grandma.

Purpose of the Session There were a few goals during the home visit that needed to be accomplished. The first goal was to begin establishing rapport with the mother. Both Easha and I will be working with the family, so our goal was to begin the process of making the members within the family feel trusting of us and understand that we will be an additional resource for the family. The second goal was to complete the necessary paperwork in order to begin the family’s enrollment process to the EHS Program, so we completed the most important paperwork in order to see if the family is eligible. The third and forth goal, listed consecutively, was to go over the EHS Program with the mom and also gain observations of the child’s development. Before the home visit, It is unclear of what the mother believed the home visit…

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