Essay about I Met The O Family When I Was Quite Young

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I met the O family when I was quite young. I had grown up next to the now grandparents who had three daughters who often babysat me and my brothers growing up. Over the years, we all grew and one of the daughters had a baby boy, N. I remember the day N was born, but have not actually spent time with him or been to his house in a couple years. So although I used to know N as he grew up I didn’t know him as his adolescent self. Going into this well child questionnaire I knew it would be difficult because N’s mom died of a drug overdose during my junior year of high school. I attended her funeral and saw how hurt N was by being the individual who found his mother dead and now being under the guardianship of his grandparents. I communicated with him as if he were my little brother at times because of my history with him but also able to maintain a professional atmosphere while in his house. His grandpa was very easy to talk to because he is a very open individual and I have known him for quite some time which eased any awkward feelings that could have occurred. It was a bit awkward at times communicating about different portions such as the sexuality because N’s grandfather is a retired pastor and I know how his family and him are quite religious. It was one of the topics that is not normally discussed or addressed in the house and seemed to be something that people should remain silent about. Furthermore, it was hard discussing safety questions about drugs because N had such…

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