Essay I Met My Husband, Mr. Silva

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That I met my husband, Mr. SILVA in 2012, in the State of Connecticut, United States, where we began our romantic relationship and our strong emotional bond took us to a marital relationship;
That I entered into a civil marriage with SILVA in Bridgeport, State of Connecticut;
That I have two children from previous marriage: CAMPOS and MARQUES, both currently of full age;
That on December 8, 2013 I suffered a car accident in Connecticut; that I was hospitalized, that I underwent two surgeries and another to be scheduled; that I sustained injuries leaving me with sequelae up to the present date;
That my husband, Mr. SILVA, is an honest and hard work man of good character, who has been the head of our family, always taking care of me, fulfilling his responsibilities, providing all material needs and love in order to maintain a functional family;
That my husband’s absence will bring extreme hardship for me in the main aspects: physical and mental health, emotional, moral, financial, and educational as described and testified below.
Attached please find medical report.
Attached please find Psychological evaluation duly assessed by a professional.
I believe that it is useless to say, as a dependent wife, just thinking about a separation, it causes me anxiety and despair. And, in a personal level, since I love my husband so much, I want to say that how essential is the role that he has been implementing to me,…

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